You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce! 


You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce! 

Love her or hate her – Beyonce is an inspiration to many. Not only is Beyonce super talented, but she is a smart business woman who has built an incredible empire and is hugely successful.

But why can’t this be you? As the title says, we have as many hours in our day as Beyonce. Ok, so being a multi-million-pound worth singer might be slightly unreachable (particularly if you cannot sing!) but her approach, attitude and business mind has helped make her successful.

Beyonce is a shining example that we can achieve what we set our minds to, no matter our background or upbringing!

The point is, if you have a goal or target you want to achieve – utilize your time wisely and do not stop until you have what you want! You can be anything you want to be – the sky really is our limit.

It is so easy to get distracted from the likes of social media, however set the non-necessities aside until you have done what you need to.

Here are my top five tips for productivity:

10 tips for productivity.

Setting a goal or target for yourself really is the way forward to making sure we are always striving to be the best version of ourselves and always thinking how we can develop and grow during our journey of life!

Hopefully, his blog was of use to you – it sure helped me even writing it to get back on track with my monthly goals!

Check out my article  6 steps to a #productive day. for more motivation and productivity advice!





I blog, actually!


I blog, actually! I guess we all start somewhere with our blogs right?

Let’s face it – we have all googled something we are dying to know on the internet and came across an amazing blog that has helped us through a current situation or given advice – no matter what it may be! From baking recipes to tips about love, friendships, and travel, we have all read a blog somewhere!

My idea is that anything I write about can hopefully help, enlighten or even guide somebody to just make a small difference to their day.

I am in L.O.V.E with travelling, reading, fashion, baking, exploring and of course, spending a little ‘Me Time’ in order to recharge my batteries here and there! I care about important and topical issues that affect everyone, everywhere – and I hope we can all unite together to take a stand.

I hope you enjoy reading whatever I have to blog about!

Frankie x


OREO’s – do you twist or dunk?

9 insanely delicious things to do with your Oreos…

1.Dunk them in milk – obviously!

2.Cholocate Cupcakes topped with Oreos (see video below! #Delicious)

3.Whip up an Oreo Milkshake – Recipe 

 4.Oreo Donuts #NomNomNoM – Recipe 

5.Minty Fresh Oreo Ice Cream #Lovestruck – Recipe    

6.Love Oreos AND Cheesecake? Why not make an Oreo cheesecake? Recipe 

7.Eat them for breakfast – like cereal #LicksLips 

8.Pop some Oreo popcorn Check out the recipe!

9.Settle down with an Oreo hot chocolate #Mmm How to make it…

You can find lots more exciting recipes on the Oreo Website #Yum!

  Check out Tanya Burr’s video on Baking Oreo Cupcakes!



20 cool activities to do in #London this weekend!

#LONDON – The City of Dreams. The Big Smoke.

#London has got to be the coolest city to be in for the weekend!

There are so many cafès, markets to shop around, parks to visit, a Hogwarts Express to catch….

I have constructed a list of twenty cool activities to do in #London on a reasonable budget which I think you will enjoy.



Visit a museum: Most museums in London are free, although certain exhibitions you have to pay for. I recommend the Imperial War Museum  Museum of London &  Natural History Museum – enjoy as many free exhibitions as you can!


Go on a tourist attraction: London Eye, London Dungeon, Madame Tussauds, London Duck Tours – go on, be a tourist for the day!

Visit a market: There are so many markets in London to visit, grab a bite to eat, have a coffee, find some unique items that only you will own! The list is endless.My favourite markets are Spitalfields Market, near Liverpool Street (food, antiques, art and clothes) & Borough Market, near London Bridge (food, fresh produce, cakes, olives etc)

Wander around one of London’s beautiful parks!  There are so many beautiful parks in London just waiting to be explored. The biggest park close to central London is St. James Park – just opposite Buckingham Palace. I also suggest checking out Hyde Park, Greenwich Park or Richmond Park (you might even see some Deer roaming around here!)


Get the Hogwarts Express: sadly, not literally! At Kings Cross Station, they have a very cool photo opportunity for you to take on the 9 and 3/4 platform! Check it out here!


Southbank is one of the coolest places to be! Lots of restaurants, street performers, market stalls and even a skateboard ramp – what is there not to love? Check it out here.


Love to bowl? Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes has to be one of the coolest venues to go bowling! With regular themed Hip Hop nights plus karaoke rooms you are bound to have a great night! 


Have a delicious breakfast at The Breakfast Club- various locations – London Bridge is my fave! Note: You will need to book in advance if you want to avoid waiting in line.


Go Shopping; two very famous shopping areas in London are Oxford Street and Covent Garden. Both of these areas serve a variety of luxury and high street brands – if you are after visiting department stores such as House of Fraser or Selfridges, then I suggest Oxford Street. Both areas have great food options too!


#Theatreland London is also known as Theatreland! There are countless theatres that are showing a huge variety of performances, at least one of them is bound to take your interest. A favourite show of mine is The Lion King at The Lyceum Theatre in Covent Garden. Lots of restaurants also do ‘pre-theatre’ dinners, so look out for some great deals.


Feeling Generous?  There are lots of exciting street performers in both the Covent Garden and Southbank areas. If you are feeling generous after watching their performance, why not donate £1? There are also lots of people dressed as interesting characters that you can donate to get your picture taken with as a souvenir of visiting London.


See the stars at The Royal Observatory in Greenwich. The have plenty of experiences, photography exhibitions, and opportunities to view the stars, explore and discover planets. Perfect for astronomy lovers!


Alexandra Palace is a wonderful old palace and public venue which has acres of land to explore, a golf course, boating lake, indoor ice rink and event a farmers market. Alexandra Palace is in the North of London but easily accessible.


Ride the Thames on a Thames Clipper! See the sight’s of London on one of the Thames Clipper River Cruises and ride the waves of the choppy Thames!


Like being in the sky? Ride the Emirates Airline Cable Cars at the 02 Arena. Enjoy panoramic views of London – and there is no extra charge for beautiful nighttime rides!

Love Pasta? Have Lunch at Padella in Borough Market – there are often lines outside which do move quite quickly, however, this was voted #WorthTheWait 2016! The food is delicious!

Like jokes? If you are into your comedy then The Comedy Store is the place for you. With regular Stand Up shows on Fridays and Saturdays and plenty of special events you are guaranteed to have a great time.


Visit Trafalgar Square and admire the wonderful fountains, architecture or get involved in special events that often take place in this public square. Look at what the square has to offer here.


Speakers Corner If you are feeling sassy and want to exercise your free speech visit Speakers Corner at Hyde Park – this public space is used as a positive platform to exercise freedom of speech – but this is not an opportunity to offend anybody! Keep it positive!

Hopefully, you get to enjoy at least one of these activities to do in #London this weekend!





MONDAY Already?! 
Another week, another chance to start a fresh week with a positive vibe!

I always look at Monday’s as a new opportunity to forget any setbacks from the past week, reflect on what I can do better and look ahead to having a great week!

So how can we make sure we have a productive, positive and great week? 

  1. Set goals for the week: been putting off going to the gym? Make a goal with yourself to attend at least once this week! This can apply for anything you have been putting off.
  2. Set a daily target for the week: my personal daily target this week is to wake up 30 minutes earlier each day so I can start my day settled, calm and ready for the day!
  3. Create a personal to do list: on Monday mornings, write down everything you need to/hope to achieve this week and cross each task off as you go!
  4. Make time for friends and family: all too often we can get caught up in our daily lives of work and hobbies that we forget to make time for our loved ones and friends! It is important to maintain these relationships within our daily routines as we all need somebody someday! Make some plans to meet up with friends and loved ones if you can, if not catching up with a good phone call will do!

Have a slogan for the week: 

Quit slackin’ and make shit happen! This is my personal slogan for this week and I will follow this each day to make sure I achieve my maximum potential this week.

Here’s hoping that this blog post has helped you have some #MondayMotivation! Have a great week!

Live, love, laugh … x

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Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk!


‘Don’t cry over spilt milk.’

I have heard this saying several times throughout my life, often in reference to something negative however, I thought about this saying and feel extremely positive!

I am sure there are plenty of us that can relate a certain situation to the phrase ‘don’t cry over spilt milk’ – we are probably thinking of that situation right now!

However, this phrase should be used as an opportunity to think positive and move on from any situation that we have regrets over.

Whether it be a missed opportunity, letting someone or something go, regrets within a relationship, not going for that McDonalds when you were hungry (i joke!)- the situations are endless.

The fact of the matter is, we cannot change the past or anything that has been done. All we can do is accept what it is (not what it could have been) and decide to use the situation as a learning curve for personal development and progression.

All too often, people spend an exceptional amount of time dwelling on what could have been and not thinking about what WILL be and the opportunities for the future.

For example, if you have had a recent break-up and you regret ending the relationship/wish things would have turned out different, please do not sit there sad and miserable. Live your life for yourself, not for others, and whatever will be will certainly be.

Also, if you didn’t get a job that you had tried really hard for – there is an opportunity to build on what went wrong and use this as a development and something to build on in order to help you achieve that big job!

With setbacks and missed opportunities we learn, grow and develop and should always use these opportunities to make us a better person, and build better situations for ourselves.

Everyone knows that unexpected or unplanned things happen in life, sometimes on a daily basis, but with a positive attitude life is easier and brighter.

We must learn that not everything or anyone is owed to us and missed opportunities/ setbacks are often blessings in disguise!

Here’s hoping this post has helped you feel slightly positive about anything that may be disturbing your good vibes!


Overnight Oats? What are they I hear you say!? 

Recently, I have discovered the best breakfast that works extremely well for me in terms of nutrition, quickness and of course taste!

Simple and healthy breakfast for work and I just want to share this quick, simple recipe with you!

So…what are overnight oats?

Literally porridge oats soaked in either milk,water or yoghurt overnight!

You can add lots of delicious seeds, fruit and toppings (I like strawberry and peanut butter!) and you will not regret it! Once soaked overnight, you do not even have to cook the oats you literally just eat straight from the fridge (don’t knock it until you have tried it!)

Whats the recipe? 

You will need: 

  1. A container/jar that has a lid
  2. Porridge Oats
  3. Milk/Water/Yoghurt
  4. Any desired toppings/seeds/fruit (frozen fruit is great for keeping costs down!)

How to make (my own preference!)

  1. Weigh up 80g of milk/water/yoghurt and place at bottom of container
  2. Add 60g of oats and pour on top of milk
  3. Add any fruit/seeds/toppings (I add Flax Seeds, Frozen Strawberries and Peanut Butter)
  4. Pour one more splash of liquid (milk/water/yoghurt) on top and place the lid on the jar
  5. Leave in the fridge for everything to soak in overnight – and VIOLA you can eat for breakfast in the morning!

There are so many different flavours to experiment this versatile yummy breakfast with!

You can check out more recipe ideas on Quaker Oats website.

Enjoy this delicious breakfast and of course your journey to simple, delicious yet healthy eating!

Live, love, laugh… x


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