Who am I & why do I blog?


welcome page

Hello! My name is Frankie and I guess I am pretty new to this blogging business!

I have been thinking of setting up a blogging platform for a while now, after always feeling inspired by my travels – for both work and personal-baking and unique recipes and general lifestyle and random thoughts that come into my head on a daily basis!

Living and working in London, I come across so many exciting opportunities, restaurants and interesting places that I would like to share with you!

My blogs will feature posts from lifestyle and motivational posts, to travel experiences and tips to recipes! I could go on. Hoping to bring you relatable posts and positive vibes!

Here’s hoping you enjoy my posts and if you do, please share with your friends or family or whoever you feel my posts will inspire.

If you have any questions or positive comments or suggestions for posts then please fill in the contact form below!

Frankie x

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